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Nourishing Moms, Celebrating Chaos, and Embracing Every Step of Your Journey


Hi, I'm Alexis Demuth, from Mother Nurture. As a wife, mom, and Registered Dietitian with a background in mental health, I've dedicated my career to supporting moms on their unique journeys.


After discovering an unexpected passion for motherhood during my own experience, I founded Mother Nurture to provide personalized nutritional counseling, body-positive coaching, and calming yoga sessions tailored for moms.


With a commitment to acknowledging the challenges and embracing the joy, I invite you to join our community. Let's navigate the beautiful chaos of motherhood together.


Welcome to Mother Nurture! I'm so glad you're here.


Alexis Demuth, RDN, LDN

Yoga Instructor | Registered Dietitian

Mother Holding Baby

Your Motherhood Journey, Your Way.

Mother Nuture Provides Tailored Wellness, Every Step of the Way: Discover a Spectrum of Services, from Personalized Yoga Journeys to Specialized Nutrition Support, Crafted for Every Stage of Motherhood.

In a Lavender Field
Alexis is AMAZING! She has so much good information and guidance to provide. And she is a fantastic person. She’s presented a little from her Plates & Poses program to a couple groups I’ve been in, and I can’t speak highly enough of her! She’s doing awesome work filling a gap in our community around mental health, nutrition, and caring for our bodies!
 - Reva
I've been working with Alexis since Jan 2020. My one hour per week with her was critical to getting through the pandemic! I'm going to stick with her as long as I can! She customizes our sessions to fit the crazy ups and downs of my life, doing restorative sessions, sessions dedicated to heart openers and hip openers, with special guided meditations at the end that are SO helpful! I am free to just be my self, with no judgements or stressing about poses I can't quite do. We have done virtual sessions most of the time, which works great for my schedule. We've started doing in-person again occasionally, too. She's fantastic!
Alexis has been by my side for my entire journey in motherhood: from before I was pregnant, through my entire pregnancy, and still now as a mom to a one-year-old. Alexis meets me where I am, whether on the mat or in our sessions where she supports me in eating disorder recovery. When it comes to "mothering the mothers," Alexis has been one of the best resources for me!

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